Motivation and Advice for Software Business Startups By Dharmesh Shah

by andrej 10. July 2012 02:11

We – teamaton – are  in the business of creating software. Even though I have been doing this for a couple of years already, watching the following presentation by Dharmesh Shah (founder of marketing software hubspot) still was inspiring.

Most of all I like when people let you get a climpse behind the scenes of how their startup and business model works. How have they gotten to that point? What obstacles did they face, what have they learned, what should you look out for with your own software startup?

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Try and Predict the Future of Everything! Gamepocalypse is about to hit us

by andrej 10. July 2012 01:55

In a incredibly entertaining talk for the Long Now Foundation Jesse Schell explains, what his thoughts are on the future of the internet, and even more so our enterie culture.

We All Know Gamification – However Gamepocalypse Will Be our Reality

There will be game-like elements such as points and rewards in all our daily activities. From brushing your teeth to social interactions to watching TV…

And it might even turn out to make the human race better. See for yourself :)

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