Motivation and Advice for Software Business Startups By Dharmesh Shah

by andrej 10. July 2012 02:11

We – teamaton – are  in the business of creating software. Even though I have been doing this for a couple of years already, watching the following presentation by Dharmesh Shah (founder of marketing software hubspot) still was inspiring.

Most of all I like when people let you get a climpse behind the scenes of how their startup and business model works. How have they gotten to that point? What obstacles did they face, what have they learned, what should you look out for with your own software startup?

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Inspiration on Passion, Starting a Business, Wannapreneur, Hiring People and Learning Software

by andrej 15. April 2012 17:28

Business of Software seems to be really great conference. I have not been there, however the videos of the talks that they post online are very inspiring and informative.

In this section they show 5 short 8-minute presentations on various topics all well suited for people in startups and entrepreneurs.

Justin Goeres: What’s your Tuva?

A talk about what your most important mission in life is. What drives you? Find it and do it!

Karl Treier: 20 Tips on Starting a Business

Some of the tipps:

  • what do you want to accomplish (aside from making money)?
  • charge real money
  • be ready to pivot

Patrick Foley (Microsoft): Confessions of a Wannapreneur


Talk about moving from employment to actually starting a business.

Corey Reid (Freshbooks) - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Very informative talk with good example what you should look for when hiring people. Look for enthusiasm and problem-solving-abilities.

Tyler Rooney  (Amazon) - Things I Learned the Hard Way at

Great talk on the problems that a software developer faces day-to-day and how to solve them most productively.

I hope you enjoyed the videos. For more, visit the Business of Software blog:

Creator of balsamiq Talks about Starting and Running a Software Company

by andrej 1. November 2011 17:58

Peldi who created the very popular and obviously profitable wireframing tool balsamiq talks about his experience of starting your own software company. Some interesting insights into fears, challenges and solutions for startups and software creators.

Here is the video:

Check out the transcript over at the business of software blog.


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Blogger: Choosing a Versatile Blogging Platform

by andrej 19. March 2011 21:50

An interesting information visualization video presents the possibilities of – the free blogging platform that comes to us via google.

We are currently testing for our todo management blog.

Here are the reasons why:

  • easy to setup
  • free of charge
  • you can map the blog to your own custom domain
  • it offers a content delivery system within the blogger community
  • easy to customize vs. Tumblr vs. Wordpress

For a another small mainly design related sideprojectI am currently testing the very popular tumblr platform. Why?

  • very easy to post
  • a very active community which promotes content
  • free of charge
  • possibility to map the blog to your own domain

Even though tumblr supports all kind of blog post formats (video, image, text, etc.) it seems to be targeted primarily at publishing images and short twitter-like posts.

We decided not to use wordpressprimarily because hosting it ourselves in a Microsoft environment is not straightforward. Alternatively you would have to pay a monthly fee if you wanted it hosted but mapped to your own custom domain. Feature- and usability wise wordpress was a very attractive candidate though.

Blogging and Content Management in and Orchard

For our other blogs however we use the primarily because at teamaton we use as our framework and we have more flexibility in implementing our own requirement within Also we stay in control of the content – even though not likely could be discontinued or have a breakdown loosing all your blog posts at worst.

Here are the blogs:

For our teamaton homepage and company blogwe are planning to use orchardproject. Which is a new open source content management system (cms) with blogging capabilities for using the mvc framework.


What blogging platforms are you using and what are your experiences? Feel free to post in the comments :)


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